We believe that individuals with disabilities should have the option to live as independently as possible, gain control of their lives, and become part of their communities. Palm Beach Habilitation Center’s residential options include three group homes and supported living services that allow people with disabilities to live at their greatest level of independence.


The Supported Living Program provides individuals with disabilities with training and support to share apartments or homes in the community with roommates of their choice. Supported Living Coaches assist individuals in developing daily living skills to promote greater independence. Training includes but is not limited to money management, shopping, menu preparation, cleaning skills, safety, and use of public transportation. Eligible participants are men and women, 18 years of age or older, who have the desire to learn to live in their own community.


The Palm Beach Habiliation Center owns and operates three group homes in Palm Beach County where individuals can receive residential skills training to maintain and improve their independence. The program provides a structured and supervised home-like environment that ensures each person’s basic needs are met. Proper nutrition and exercise are emphasized to assure that each person is living at their optimal level of health.  Community integration is encouraged and residents are provided with a choice of social activities to enrich their lives.


Amy’s House opened in 2012 and is home to six adult women. The Key West-style home features individual bedrooms with private baths, great room, formal dining room, screened porch, enclosed garage, and a large yard and garden area.


The Babbette Wolff Residence provides men and women participants with a home environment and skills training in order to maintain and improve their level of independence.


JB’s Ranch is the Center’s  first group home providing 12  male residents with a home environment and skills training.

Memory Care Group Home

Coming soon: The Memory Care Group Home will provide a home for six individuals with developmental disabilities and age related limitations. Click here for more information. Click for details.