A Star Is Born

We have so many success stories at Palm Beach Habilitation Center and Margie Lee is a standout:

If you visit Palm Beach Habilitation Center, you’re likely to see Margie Lee mopping, sweeping and cleaning as part of her work experience, but if that’s all you see, you won’t know the real Margie Lee.

Margie Lee grew up in Puerto Rico, did not speak until the age of 10, started grade school at 13 and graduated 9th grade at age 21. She and her widowed mother lived like hermits in Puerto Rico until her mother’s death. It was then that her sister brought her to Palm Beach County and she blossomed. She was trained and began working at Palm Beach Habilitation Center and creating beautiful works of art – jewelry and ceramics, became a Special Olympics athlete and a member of Artists with Autism. Despite her challenges, Margie Lee is happy and thriving, especially when creating her works of art.