Palm Beach Habilitation Center’s Adult Day Training programs provide training in the activities of daily living, self-advocacy, and social skills that maintain and increase the level of independence for individuals with significant disabilities and older adults who cannot participate in a work setting.

Each person who participates in Day Services is assigned a Program Manager who works with the individual to determine their specific program goals. Using a person-centered approach, the Program Manager provides directions and suggestions about learning the skills needed to maintain and increase their level of independence. The Program Manager is responsible for assuring the overall safety and health of the individual which requires coordination of services with family members, health care providers, specialists, and support coordinators. The Program Manager also works to develop, implement, and monitor each person’s individualized plan and goals.

Personal Arts and Creative Expression Program (PACE)

Participation and involvement with the arts has been shown to increase personal self-confidence, creativity, socialization, and to encourage exploration of new areas of interest. It improves communication skills, teamwork, friendships, and social integration.

Palm Beach Habilitation Center’s Personal Arts and Creative Expression Program strives to integrate art into all activities by providing meaningful activities for individuals with disabilities who are interested in exploring and developing expressive skills through the arts. Program participants receive instruction and practice in basic living and domestic skills, basic education, current events, exercise and nutrition, interpersonal skills and emergency/safety skills. Community activities and personal enrichment activities are also explored so that individuals are able to expand their understanding of community resources, especially those related to the arts.

Adult Skills Acquisition Program (ASAP)

The Adult Skills Acquisition Program serves individuals with significant disabilities that require greater assistance and supervision. A wide variety of activities that focus on skills development in the areas of socialization, community awareness, self-help skills, self care, communication, and physical mobility. Individualized attention is emphasized to permit assistance in training, meals and hygiene needs.

Seniors in Transition and Retirement Services (STARS)

The Seniors in Transition and Retirement Services program provides meaningful socialization and recreational activities to individuals who have reached retirement age or whose disabilities have progressed and prevent them from performing work tasks. This program offers each participant the opportunity to enjoy friends, stay active, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and engage in community activities.