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Message from CEO

David Lin


Changing Times, Constant Mission…

July is the beginning of the Center’s Fiscal Year.  It is a time to reflect back on the accomplishments that have been achieved and a time to look forward to the promise of the coming year.

One primary change has been the retirement of Tina Philips, who served the agency as the President/CEO since 1984.  Her guidance and leadership has provided opportunities for individuals with disabilities to achieve their dreams and aspirations of being integrated into their community.

The Palm Beach Habilitation Center remains committed to continuing to provide high quality programs and supports to the individuals we serve and their families.  Through the leadership and commitment of the Board of Directors and Staff, the programs and services will continue to engage individuals with disabilities and the greater community.  Through Training Programs, Job Placement, Residential Services, and Community Integration the programs will prepare individuals to build connections in their communities.

If you have not had the opportunity to tour our programs on campus, I would encourage you to set up a tour.  Come and see the difference the Center is making in lives every day.  You will walk away with a greater appreciation and understanding of the talents and potential of the individuals we serve.

David Lin, CEO