Message from CEO

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Tina Philips



In 1959 a group of parents borrowed a small room that could be used to train their disabled young adults to become more independent and live a more meaning life. That was the beginning of the Palm Beach Habilitation Center.

During those 56 years over 10,000 men and women with disabilities have received services at the Center and of those over 8,000 have become employed in the community in a myriad of jobs ranging from fry cooks and data entry technicians to switchboard operators.

We invite each of you to review the services and programs offered at the Center on this website. You will be able to meet some of the remarkable men and women in their work training programs, retirement program and residential programs.

Our past would not have been possible without the ongoing support and dedication of this community. As we continue to plan and build for the changing needs of the people we serve, the partnerships that have been established will become increasingly more important. Adequate appreciation for this past generosity cannot be conveyed in such a brief report. However, with your continued help, each year will be the beginning of a new future.